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Ali`s Homemade Produce

ALI’S HOMEMADE PRODUCE was born in October 2013 but it started a long time before then.  My granny taught my mum to cook, my mum taught me and from an early age I can always remember the garden brimming full of fruits and veggies – and they were never wasted.  Jams were made, crumbles, cakes, pies and chutneys stirred with tireless love.  This is where my love of cooking began.  My savoury and sweet pastries are made using as much local produce from Dorset. Things are used when they’re at their best so some my products are only available when things are in season.  I make everything by hand in small batches so it’s a labour of love. 

Keep an eye on my facebook page – Ali’s Homemade Produce – for where I am.

Trading at Westborne & Weymouth

Maycottage goats milk soaps

I make handmade goatsmilk soaps and shampoo bars made with the milk from my own goats here in Wimborne. I also sell raw goatsmilk.


Trading at Westborne

Filthy Fit

Filthy Fit is a health conscious brand that expresses our passion, happy eating and living. We gathered our skills together and created some pretty unusual, but delicate nut and seed butters.

My husband and I always dreamed about having our own business one day. In the end of 2020 we finally had an idea that really made us excited and we started experimenting almost immediately.

Our uniqueness especially are the savoury flavours that can be used in cooking – just imagine stuffed mushrooms with a garlic and cayenne spiced almond butter, a ravioli with Italian herb flavoured peanut butter, or a burger with curry spiced peanut butter.

Our assortment is refined sugar free, palm oil free, preservative free, and we only use natural ingredients in our products.

We would love to be known as a brand that has the most unique and exciting nut and seed butters on the market.

Trading at Westborne



Ma Bolton came about in name as friends called me Ma a nickname for the baker who just liked to feed everyone.  With two sons starting out life with a dairy intolerance and myself with a wheat intolerance, free from  food experimentation became essential to a food lover such as myself.  I take a great deal of joy in providing great tasting gluten free food for those who often have to miss out on favorite treats.  I continue to enjoy the creative process of a new recipe idea.  All of my food is gluten free with a good proportion being dairy free and always an egg free option too.

You will find many flavour adventure preserves and seasonal syrups on my stall as these  naturally come hand in hand with baking. Try one of my chutney’s to improve your favorite sandwich.  Or a seasonal syrup to be added to coffees and cocktails.

Trading at Westborne




At Bourne Coffee we are passionate about our coffee, we take great care choosing our coffee beans ensuring they are ethically sourced from the finest growing regions around the world. Each type of bean has different flavour characteristics, and each growing area lends different flavours to the coffee due to the unique soil, weather and growing conditions.

By roasting all our coffees by hand, we rely on our sense of smell, sight, and sound to guide our roasting. When the coffee has been roasted to over 200oC where we believe the flavours of that individual batch will be at its best, the beans are rapidly cooled and then rested for 48 hours before packing. Roasting to order we ensure that the customer receives their coffee in a fresh as possible condition to enjoy the best flavours that coffee has to offer.
Take pleasure in experiencing the fragrant and delicate aromas of our great tasting and well-balanced 100% arabica gourmet coffee – an unforgettable experience.

Trading at Westbourne


Cake & Sprinkles Cakeaway

I am a bespoke Cake Business Based in Winterbourne Kingston Blandford and Started Trading February 2021. I pride myself in making and producing delicious and fun Bakes such as Brownies,Blondies,Cookie pies, NY Filled Cookies, Rocky Roads Cupcake Bouquets and Traditional Cakes such as Dorset Apple Cake, Coffee & Walnut etc,
I am Also starting to produce Sugar free Cakes and Low carbs Suitable for People who have type 2 diabeties as I was diagnosed pre diabetic and realised there was nothing freshly made for people who have to manage there sugar levels SO NOW YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT.
I am extensively researching the types of ingredients that can be used, I will only use the best ingredients in all my bakes because I stand by the saying if I wont eat it then I don’t expect my customers to. I am starting to become established within my local community trading at the local Market every week, taking bespoke orders For Celebrations and Weddings

Trading at Weymouth


Neil`s Award Winning Chutney Preserves


Trading at Weymouth & Westbourne


Olives and things


Trading at Westbourne




Sharon Dobson lives in Bere Regis, where she works in upholstery and all aspects of sewing. Her passion is sourcing and working with interesting vintage and designer fabrics in contemporary and international designs, making them into bags, aprons, cushions, lampshades and many other products. She hates waste, so offcuts and scraps are used to make face masks, hair bands, Christmas tree decorations and other small items. She is also a professionally qualified upholsterer and enjoys bringing tired and unwanted chairs and stools back to life. Additionally, she is professionally qualified in making hand-stitched curtains, roman-blinds and cushions. Commissions are welcome. You will find her at a variety of artisan markets in Dorset, including in Broadstone, Wareham, Westbourne, Weymouth and outside the Mowlem in Swanage.

Trading at Weymouth & Westborne



Mark Elvy, author of the children’s adventure book series ‘The Tales of Fluke and Tash,’ features a Dalmatian puppy, a family cat and their magic time travelling suitcase. A page-turning, time travel adventure series for children aged 7-12

Fluke and Tash have six exciting adventure books in print – Robin Hood; Egyptian; Ancient Greece; Dinosaur; Christmas and Pirate Adventures

Follow their adventures as they take their readers on a breath-taking and often hilarious journey through history!

Book signing available! Have your book signed by the author with a special message, making these books an ideal gift

Let Mark know what type of adventure you’d like to see Fluke and Tash go on next, they’d love to hear your ideas, and all feedback is most welcome!

Trading at Weymouth & Westborne


Galiani Glass

hand made fused glass wall art, splashbacks & jewellery


Trading at Westbourne & Weymouth


Duir Soap

Hello, my name is Jane, and I am the face behind Duir Soap….  You will see me at most of the Markets at Best in Dorset, Westbourne, Bridport, Weymouth & Blandford. 
My Green Man watches over me when I soap and keeps me centred.  Why the name Duir?  Well, Duir means Oak and is the seventh tree of the Ogham…. (pronounced Oh-ham) Yes, I am a bit of tree hugger and Oak resonates most with me….
My soap varies from Tea Soap (vegan) with added Almond Oil, Coconut & Mango Butter to Hoptastic Soap made with a local beer from Sandbanks Brewery based in Poole with Lardate, Coconut & Olive Oil.  All are free from palm oil, SLS & Parabens.
Tested on my family & friends, & Finn & Yuki, our dirty paw doggies !

Trading at Weymouth & Westborne



Dorseteco is a family run business based near Blandford, our aim is simply to encourage others to think about what they buy and to encourage them to change some of their habits over to more sustainable products, from our environmentally friendly, compostable, biodegradable range.  We are constantly on the look out for other eco friendly products and we sell from the local markets in Dorchester, Westbourne, Weymouth and Swanage and can be found at other events across the county.

Our main seller is the range of blankets, rugs and throws made entirely from recycled plastic bottles by Weaver Green, these amazing products have to be seen to be believed.  We loved the fact that they had found a way to use the bottles that would’ve otherwise ended up in landfill or our oceans.  Weaver Green have now recycled over 170 million bottles!

We are very proud to sell the Bridport based Elephant Box range of stainless steel containers.  The range includes snack boxes, lunch boxes, storage containers, water bottles and insulated thermos flasks.  These containers are built to last a lifetime out of already recycled stainless steel and will mean you never need to buy a plastic container again.

Come and see us at one of the markets, we look forward to meeting you soon.


Trading at Weymouth and Westbourne


Dorset Wildlife

We protect Dorset’s wildlife and wild places

Together with our 26,000 members, our volunteers and supporters, we are Dorset’s largest nature conservation charity. We work to champion wildlife and natural places on our 42 nature reserves and through our work with others.


Attending at Weymouth and Westbourne